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The Apple tree whose roots come from Eastern Europe and North Asia, is most common in temperate regions. Apple trees are among the earliest cultivated trees. Over the centuries, many hybrids are created, giving us the current 7,500 varieties of apple.
For a long time apples have been associated with the biblical story of Adam and Eve, but actually it was not mention that the fruit was an apple. In Norway mythology the apple is given a positive form: it is alleged that its magical powers keep people young forever.
Apples are crunchy fruits with red, yellow or green skin and are part of the Rosaceae family. The flavour varies from moderately sweet to pleasantly sour, depending on the species itself. Golden and Red Delicious apples are soft and sweet, while Granny Smith are noticeably tart.
With a huge variety of species and varieties, apples are widespread in almost all parts of the world, each variety has different characteristics in terms of size, color, taste, time of flowering and fruit characteristics.
Golden Delicious
Fruits of this variety o are large even in some variations very large (weighing about 140 to 200 g). They have a characteristic shape and a particularly thin and long stalk. Belgolden variety is characterized by slight ridges in the bottom of the fruit. Trees have a moderate to strong growth and consequently moderate growth.

Red Delicious
The "Red Delicious" Group includes many varieties and mutations with their characteristics: Star crimson, Cooper 4, etc.
Common to these varieties of apples and mutations is that fruits are large, with an average weight of about 165 to 190 g, with five well-defined ribs at the top. They ripen around mid-September. They have an even colouring of intense dark red.

Granny Smith
Fruits of Granny Smith variety are large to very large, weighing 180 - 200g and have rounded conical to flat round correct form. The harvest maturity of fruit occurs during the second half of October. Wood is a strong growing, relatively large rounded crown with bare branches at the base

Fruits of the Fuji variety are medium to large in size, with flat-globular to globular-conical form, often bowed with asymmetrical halves, but well aligned in size.
The tree is strong growing and makes up a wide pyramidal to rounded dense crown. It gives fruit mostly on short fruiting two and three-year branches.

Gala is a red apple variety obtained by crossing varieties Kids Orange Red and Golden Delicious. This variety was created in 1920 in New Zealand and is today one of the most frequently produced. Fruits of Gala are rather small, reddish-orange, often there are visible vertical lines on them. Resistant to shock, with a very slight sour tinge.

Red fruits with clear green patterns come from faraway New Zealand. Good keepers, aromatic, sweet-sour and crunchy, these apples are great both fresh and cooked, as the pieces retain their shape and taste.