Peaches Print

In China, where they come from, peaches have mystical significance and predict luck, wealth and protection. Initially, they were grown in Northern China. Peaches are a symbol of fertility and love. They are reproduced in porcelain and praised in many verses.
Today brides in Japan and China carry peach wrist corsages and peach colors are used to celebrate the New Year. Once discovered, the wild Chinese peaches were widespread and cultivated in many varieties.
The Romans called the peaches "Persian apple", the name comes from the fact that Persia is the country that gave the peaches to the West.
France takes peaches in all their varieties and gave them female fruit names; peaches are associated with women even today, probably because of their beauty.
Peaches have extremely high levels of vitamin C. A peach contains as much as 90% of daily requirement of this vitamin. Peaches are rich in copper, iron and carotene. They contain large amounts of sugars, sucrose prevailing. The amount of pectin in peaches depends on their degree of maturity - the amount of pectin in green fruit is two times less than in mature peaches. Peaches are a source of vitamin A, C and E. They are a good source of energy.
It is recommended to have five peaches a day.